GTC Business Objective (EN)

GTC Business Objective  

What is the objective of the GTC Business?

During the past decades and still today public and private Projects / Investors worldwide suffer vital economic losses because of

    • Poor project management (project failures with cost- / time overruns),
    • Poor enforcement of executed project changes / additions, 
    • Poor defense of imminent Project Delay Damages. 

During decades of their professional career as profit responsible project managers of well-known German Companies executing international Construction Projects Gruber Top Consult (GTC) have faced many of such challenges. 

In order to solve the mentioned problems efficiently GTC have developed a new digitized and standardized GTC System consisting of three Modules, each for the control of one of the said problems.  

Our business objective is to support companies worldwide with our KNOW-HOW and GTC System (Modules) to avoid and reclaim impending project losses at most.