Control Loop Processes

Control Loop Processes (Development)

All Performance Control Processes for Scope / Works, Cost, Time, Payment etc. are realized according to the sequence of a control loop processe as shown in the above sketch, covering in particular the control of the processes for Planning, Execution (Control Path), Tracking, Analysis, Diagnostic and Steering (Corrective Measures).

Depending on the quantity / quality of the Project Cost- & Time Variances the Steering may be of Regulatory Control (Re-Tracking Measures) or of Servo Control (Contract amendment with Re-Setting & Re-Baselining).   

The GTC Control System is based on the principle, that the Project Schedule and its planned and mutually approved Baseline remains unchanged during the Project Execution phase, except the contract parties agree a Re-Setting of certain Contract conditions and their corresponding Re-Baselining (Servo Control).