GTC System – USPs


GTC System – Unique Selling Points Propositions  

    1. The system is a digitized & standardized System / Software for an effective / efficient and practical / integrated project performance control, including claimed additions (claims) 
    2. The system covers the variances control for the project cost volume (money budget) and the project time volume (time budget). The control of the project time volume (in addition to the project time bar control) is a very important unique feature to verify that changes cause a “loss of performance” for  subsequently performed project tasks. 
    3. The system controls as disturbance factors “Additions” and “Disruptions”. The execution of contract changes / -additions induces often diruptions for the execution of the contract works   (“loss of performance”)
    4. The system enables the selection of each single Level 2-task or summary / roll-up task or even task groups to control / review the related planned works (Baseline / Plan) versus the related actual works and the resulting cost- and time variations
    5. The system covers also tasks (Level 2) to control / review the client’s contractual obligations for the project regarding client’s administrative obligations and client’s construction site deliverables and services
    6. The variance analysis of the System represents the data for the  Monthly Project Status report for the management review and control
    7. The innovative digitized & standardized GTC System can be adopted for all kinds and sizes of projects (different project examples are available)
    8. The GTC System allows an easy comparison of different project developments.  

The USPs imply an ample added value for the contractor.

Link to GTC Example Project