Market Research, EVMS

Market Research EVMS (Background)

GTC’s market research paid special attention to the US “Earned Value Management System (EVMS)” as the EVMS 

    • is an obligatory requirement of the “Office Management & Budget” (OMB, White House) that US organizations utilize the EVMS as acquisition management system, to measure achievement on the cost, schedule, and performance goals of their public invest projects (monitoring of tax money financed projects)
    • covers 32 Guidelines(!) which are subsequently an obligatory requirement of US organizations towards their Contractors regarding the establishment of a monitoring system for the project performance based on the Contractor’s internal calculation
    • plays a leading role in the international PM sector and is accordingly publicized worldwide by the US Project-Management-Institute (PMI – PMBOK / PM Book of Knowledge & Practice Standard for EVM)
    • is utilized as project performance analysis method as part of Scheduling Software like as for example MS-Project
    • forms part of the German DIN 69901-3:2009-01, PM-Systems, Part 3 (Methods)
    • forms the PMI-Certification methodology for Project Managers (PMI – PMBOK)

However, international analyses of the EVM System see also some weaknesses, examples listed in the sketch above.

The GTC System have realized systemically innovations (solutions) to cope with such weaknesses.