Market Potential

Market Potential – GTC Project Performance Control   

The above „World Investment Report 2018“ shows a yearly investment average (World total) of about 1.500 billion US$ between 2005 and 2017. The “PMI Report, PMI Pulse of Profession, 2016” communicates that approximately 10% of each billion invest are wasted money as result of poor Project Management, see site Worldwide PM Problem .

GTC’s standardized & digitized project performance control System delivers a valuable potential to support Investors, Clients and Contractors (Project Stakeholders) to save multimillions of wasted money, arithmetically to save even multibillions worldwide. 

Market Potential – GTC Claims- / Disputes Control   

The ARCADIS Report „2022 Worldwide Construction Disputes“ communicates a global average US$ 52,6 million (length 15.4 months) per case and as top cause for construction disputes: „Poorly drafted or incomplete & unsubstantiated claims“ .

GTC Project Control System generates over the Project execution time a verified and detailed set of Project Documentation (PSRs). In cases of a „Dispute“ litigation (e. g. DAB) such Project Documentation has the ability

    • to form the basis of a well drafted, complete and substantiated construction claim and
    • to deliver the involved parties (e. g. judges) a deep and verified analytical insight about the project execution parameters and correspondingly about the rightfulness of the claim/s, both on the merit and in terms of amount (cost & time).      

Such Project Documentation can be generated with the GTC System even retrospectively for already accomplished projects (availability of project data provided).