Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives for GTC System (Development) 

Besides GTC’s objective to develop and realize solutions for the particular General Project Control problems and the aforementioned EVMS Weaknesses GTC focussed their superior product objectives on the innovation of

    • one unique standardized & digitized application model for project performance control for the users (instead of 32 Guidelines) 
    • the detailed analysis of different project performance parameters (Variances = Actual vs. Plan)
    • the extraction of verified project performance facts, which enable the organizations to decide their steering processes instantly and dedicated, decrease their cost, minimise their risks and increase correspondingly their Added Value substantially and sustainably
    • a system which is applicable for each kind & each size of project at each project status (future projects, actual projects and even retrospectively for already accomplished projects).

GTC have realized such objectives during the recent years (R&D Phase) and completed their GTC System in 2021.