System Innovations

GTC System Innovations (Development) 

The GTC System

    • covers more than 40 GTC System specific innovations (Unique Selling Points / USPs), the above sketch lists some of them
    • delivers with its innovative analytical Project Control a deep insight into the detail dvelopments over the project execution time
    • is highly practice orientated as it generates very effectively with a monthly “%-completion” up-date of about 25 Tasks (incl. Addition Claims tasks) approx. 50 verified actual vs. plan analysed project performance control parameters regarding Cost- & Time- development & Addition-Claims (Disputs) & Delay-LD Claims (Disputes) development, see site GTC System.

With GTC’s standardized & digitized project performance control System (IT-System)  

    • Organizations can form their business processes & stakeholder relationships more profitable, reduce their cost, minimize their risks and increase their Added Value sustainably
    • Invest Project Stakeholders can save millions of wasted money,  see site Market potential.

The Intellectual Property (IP) of the GTC System innovations are notarial registered (deed).