EPC-Project Tracking

GTC System – Tracking Example 

The short movie below shows the tracking of an 100 Mio EPC Project including Addition-Claims (Scope, Cost & Time) 

Example Notes: The shown GTC Project Control movie   

    • covers a Cost increase from planned 100 Mio to 139 Mio at Completion 
    • covers a Project Time Extension from 36 planned months to finally 40 months at Completion
    • covers seven Addition-Claims and their related Cost & Time tracking 
    • covers a Re-Baselining between Month 20 / 21 (Servo Control with Re-Setting of Contract)
    • visualizes -due to a limited upload file size- only a limited number of tracking parameters for Scope (incl. Addition-Claims) and related Cost & Time.  

Similar and other Project development movies (e. g. Analysis) are also possible for your project developments.