Module 2 (Details)

Module 2 – Details (Example)

The above Sketch shows a few of the selectable dynamic Project Analysis Charts,  for example

    • above-left: Cost status per different Cost element at Month 40 = Project Completion
    • above-right: Different Planned Works over Project Time (Contract Works; Additional Works; Project Works)
    • below-left: Executed Additional Works per Claim & Cumulated per Month over Project Time
    • below-right: Planned Additions (SAT) development over Project Time

The Module 2 Analysis potentioal covers basically the options, to visualize for one or more Tasks the comparing  planned vs. actual Cost- & Time parameters development over the Project Time. For further details of the available parameters see our site GTC System

Further, different charts cover the option to review the development of the project curves month by month form curve start to the actual month (availability of data provided).