Example Diagram 5

The above diagram shows the curves of the completed project, especially the curves before and after re-baselining in months 20/21 for 

    • the planned contract works (PCW) 
    • the executed contract works (ECW) 
    • the executed additional works / claims (EAW) .

The colored areas indicate the controlled disturbance factors during project execution, whereas   

    • the blue area indicates the executed project additions / claims (variances) and
    • the green area indicates the disruptions for the contract works (variances)  

The indicators above left show different project time variances and different project cost variances between the above mentioned curves according to the selected project month, in the above case at completion month 40. 

The indicators below left show planned vs. actual project time variances and –cost variances according to the selected project month.

The project month selector can be utilized dynamically upwards or downwards over the project months with subsequent project data, all related curves and indicators show the status according to the selected project month.  

Link to Example Diagram 6