GTC Features & USPs (EN)

GTC System – Features and USPs

    1. Digitized & standardized Project Performance Control (IT System) on the basis of the external Contract value/s and independent from any (mostly) existing internal cost control system of the company / organisation. 
    2. Digitalized & standardized Project Performance Variances Analysis (GTC Software) for a fast and dedicated diagnosis as basis for the Project steering processes, for the cost reduction, for the reduction of risks and for the sustainable increase of the Project added value. 
    3. Support for the strategical Management of external claims / disputes
    4. Optimization of the internal Balanced Score Card Objectives (Financial-, Customer-, Process- und Learn- & Growth perspective)
    5. Application of the Company Business Intelligence (BI) Objectives also as Project Objectives
    6. Project Management & Project Steering without friction losses and delays
    7. Application for all Project sizes and -types, also for the retrospective analysis of already accomplished / closed Projects (Note: availability of sufficient historical Project data provided). 
    8. Facts based monthly Project Status Report (Diagrams)
    9. Lesson Learned (QA / QC) for accomplished / closed Projects and future Projects. 
    10. Project Suspension / -Termination (if applicable)