GTC System (EN)

GTC System - Mai 2021

GTC System (refer to above Sketch)

What is the GTC System and what are the Features & USPs?

The GTC System tracks & analyses various Cost- & Time Performance Indicators (actual vs. plan) regarding the Performance of the Contract and the Additions (Claims). It consist of 3 Modules, one each for:

    • Project Performance Control, Cost and Time 
    • Project Additions (Claims) Control, especially for changes / additions regularly directed by the client for execution however without a related contractual basis for scope, time, cost, payment etc.. Such project changes / additions are subsequently claimed by the Contractor (Claims). 
    • Project Delay LD-Risks, Cost and Time.

The GTC System objectives are to steer the Project instantly & dedicated, to reduce the Cost, to minimize the Risks and to increase the Project added value sustainably.   

GTC System: Our Features & USPs – YOUR Project success  

    1. All Modules of the GTC System are digitized & standardized Project Control IT-Tools (GTC Software).
    2. The Control Processes of all Modules comply with the “Control Loop” principle, especially with the objective to analyse facts based planned parameters versus facts based actual parameters.
    3. All Modules work fully independent from any existing cost control system (cost centre IDs) of the companies. Basic Module 1 for Project Performance Control can / should be applied commonly by Contractor and Client (best practice) in order to achieve a (widely) amicable understanding regarding the Project Performance Status.
    4. Based on the digitalization and standardization the GTC System can be applied for all kind and all sizes of Invest-Projects (Public or Private Projects, from small to mega Projects).
    5. The GTC System can be applied for future projects, actual projects and even retrospectively for already accomplished Projects.
    6. The GTC System is very efficient, it delivers with less efforts the update of many Project Performance Indicators, including the monthly “Project Status Report” (Project documentation).
    7. The GTC Modules provide also useful abilities to simulate e. g. the history of the project development.

GTC System: Convincing Claim Evidences because of facts based analyses    

Experiences show that towards the Project Completion the Contractor’s Project result slips more and more into the debit zone (loss) due to the pre-financed Claims (and if: due to LDs claimed by the Client). The Contractor’s efforts to shift the Project result towards the credit zone (benefit) depend substantially on how convincingly the Contractor can -based on the project documentation- prove their claim rights .

In the first decisive step the Contractor must prove their rights on the merit (attributable party for cause) and in the second step in terms of amount (claimed additional cost and -time). Such steps maybe often part of a  legal procedure (e. g. arbitration / DAB).

The GTC Project Performance Analyses can -as part of the project documentation- support the required proof of the Claims essentially and convincingly, objectively as well as strategically.  

YOUR Claims — OUR vocation!