GTC Module 3 – Delay LD-Risk Control (EN)

Module 3 - Cl - Mai 2021

GTC Module 3 – Delay LD-Risk Control System

GTC Project Delay LD-Risks Control Module 3 delivers (supplementary to Basic-Module 1) the more detailed LD-Risks control for e. g. delayed completion of Engineering, delayed equipment deliveries, the delayed project completion date or the like. 

Most Contracts cover also a LD-Risk for the proof of (technical) concept which means the “achievement of technical performance guarantee-parameters to be verified during the performance test/s at project end”. The proof of the technical concept may induce “make good” consequences which must be verified before contract signature / at project end. The control of this risk is not controlled by the  GTC System. 

Features & USPs Module 3 – Project Delay LD-Risks Control 

    1. Planning of Delay LD-Risks according to contract conditions (delay subjects; delay percentages and conditions per subject, max. LDs, etc.)
    2. Module 3 takes over the actual time delay from Basic Module 1 for the evaluation of the related LD-Risk amount as decision basis for the Risk steering and control measures (Risk Management).
    3. Module 3 delivers 2 “LD-Risk Visualization Dashboard”, one for the particular risk per delay and month, a second one with the sum of LD Risk/s.


Module 3 - LD Risk Control