Problem and GTC Solution (EN)

Problem and GTC Solution

Although, as a great number of PM Software & PM Systems are available on the market, many national and international Project investments suffer heavy Project failures (Cost- and Time overruns) due to various PM deficites.

Example for such PM deficites (Original Title: see German sub-site): Final Report 2015, BMVI (German Federal Ministry for Traffic & digital Infrastructure) –  Reform Committee – Construction of big Projects, Chapter 7, Project Management (Control complexity – efficiently and conform cost- and time budget).

Key problems:

    1. Responsibilities, interfaces, processes and tasks: not clearly defined by the PM and respectively too less transparent. Effect: Friction losses and delays.
    2. Quality of Project steering: „Plan vs. Actual“ comparisons are not executed adequately / sufficiently.
    3. Plan vs. Actual comparisons: mostly only backwards reflected and without forecast for the future.
    4. Project Status Reports: too complex, not addressee focused, too many irrelevant informations and too less measurable values.
    5. Important basis-informationes for Project decisions: for decision makers not instantly recognizable.
    6. Project uncertainties: mostly not mentioned and if mentioned: necessary informations are not completely detected / presented. Detrimental effect: improper or delayed decisions. Uncertainties and lacks become facts later and enter into risks and are rported delayed, in many cases when it is too late for proper counter steering measures.

In order to solve the mentioned problems GTC have developed a digitized Project Performance Control System (GTC System) during the recent years, which ist introduced on the following sub-sites.