GTC Product – Claims Control (EN)

GTC Product – Claims Control (above Sketch)

In case of Claims a contractor must comply with high juristic demands regarding the claims proof and the adequate causally relationship between cause and effect, both convincingly presented by the related supporting project documents.

These demands are a substantial challenge for the Contractor as in many cases the effect / impact of changes on the planned execution are not properly presented in content and the performance tracking analysis of the actual project execution is presented incomplete or without the specific context to the contractual baseline.

The GTC Claims Control meets the said challenge and delivers evidences for the support of contractor’s entitlement for damages suffered. It delivers also evidences for the time wise and cost wise relationship between accumulated claims and it delivers a valuable proof for disruptions which are mostly the underlying causes for delays (loss of productivity and related re-programming requirements).

The GTC Claims Control Product is capable to analyze 8 different parameters concerning the actual and previous project claims development including the “cumulative effect” of Claims.

Examples for Claims analyses with GTC Software

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Claims deliverables

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