GTC Module 2 – Claims Control (EN)

Module 2 - Cl - Mai 2021

GTC Module 2 – Addition-Claims Control

(refer to above Sketch)

GTC Project Addition-Claims Control System delivers (supplementary to Basic-Module 1) in more detail the control of Additional Works which are directed by the Client after Project start but without a contract amendment for scope, time, cost, payment etc. Such Additions (Changes / Variations etc.) are mostly executed by the Contractor and subsequently claimed. The control of the development of all Addition-Claims is processed over all schedule levels over the entire project execution time and including the related documentation.

GTC Features & USPs – Your Benefits  

    1. Planning of Additional Works (Claims) = Plan (additional scope with additional cost and additional time etc.)
    2. Planning and Analysis of different Additional Works (Claims) 
      • CAT Additions = Combined Addition Tasks = no additional execution time;
      • SAT Additions = Separate Additions Tasks = additional execution time!
    3. Module 2 controls / analyses -beside the Contract Works- also the detailed development of all related Addition-Claims during the Project execution.
    4. Module 2 delivers for the actual and previous project months in each case about 50 schedule tasks vs. more than 20 data columns. The project development data can be selected and analyzed variable via 4 different “Cost Control Visualization Dashboards” and one “%-Visualization Dashboard”.

Examples for Claims analyses with GTC Software: 

Claims deliverables


PROJECT PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS Dashboard (Contract & Additions/Claims): 

Module 2 - Add.&Claims Control 2