GTC Module 1 – Project Perform. Control (EN)

Module 1 - Cl - Mai 2021

GTC Module 1 – Project Performance Control

(refer to above Sketch)

The GTC Project Performance Control Basic-Module 1 (GTC Software, Windows-Application) delivers facts based and verified Project evidences regarding the Project Performance with the objective of optimized operative & strategically decisions in order to steer the projects instantly & dedicated in conformity with their set project baseline!

Features & USPs Module 1 – Project Performance Control

    1. The Project Performance Control processes are based on Client’s & Contractor’s agreed Contract Price (Cost Budget), not on Contractor’s internal Cost Control. All processes work fully independent from any existing internal cost control system inside the company!
    2. The Project Performance Control applies 4 main curves which have defined relationships with each other:
      • PCW = Planned Contract Works;
      • ECW = Executed Contract Works;
      • EAW = Executed Additional Works;
      • EPW = Executed Project Works = ECW + EAW). 
    3. Module 1 tracks and analyses
      • 2 disturbance factors (Additions & Disruptions) affecting the Project Execution,
      • 3 Cost Variances (in Money) and 3 Time Variances (in Months),
      • Re-Baselining procedures (Contract amendment with revised scope, -cost, -time and -payment and revised baseline).
    4. Module 1 delivers
      • at project completion (ECW = PCW) one out of 5 classified project accomplishment types.
      • a predictable project completion date
      • facts based actual vs. planned Analyses for the Monthly Project Status Report as Project Documentation.
      • 7 concurrent projects or sub-projects or project phases in one file (e. g. one entire Project with subprojects for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning / tests).
    5. Module 1 delivers for the actual project month and previous project months
      • a “Dashboard Chart” and “Dashboard Table” to visualize the achieved project performance,
      • 4 “Detail Charts” to visualize project performance details.
    6. The GTC Software provides some useful simulation options (e. g. retrospectively review of Project developments etc.)

Examples of the GTC Project Performance Analysis with the GTC Software (Windows Application): 

Project Chart neu