GTC Product – Perform. Control (EN)

GTC Product – Perform. Control (above Sketch)

The control loop based GTC Performance Control System tracks particularly the influence of the two project performance disturbing factors “disruptions” (loss of productivity) and “changes / additions” (disputes / claims).

The GTC Performance Control System 

    • analyses in detail the actual project performance on the basis of different cost- and time variances vs. the set contract baseline,
    • controls / analyses the project works performance vs. the project payment performance (cashflow),
    • delivers five different and defined types of project accomplishments,
    • delivers a predictable project completion date and
    • delivers via the facts-based Project Status Reports (PSR) the detailed documentation about the entire project history.

Examples of the GTC Project Performance Analysis with the GTC Software (Windows Application), please enlarge Pictures with „image zoom“:

Project Chart neu

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