GTC System (EN)

GTC System (above Sketch)

What is the GTC System?

Whilst our professional career over decades before the founding of GTC we have headed several international construction Projects as profit responsible Project Managers and have subsequently gathered extensive practical experiences . We have invested all our know-how into the innovation of our new digitized and standardized Project Performance Control System & Claims Control System, the GTC System.

The  strategical core objective for the development of the GTC System was „a high System-Efficiency effected through a control loop based System-Digitization / -Standardization“.

Accordingly, for the realization of the set objective GTC have adopted the strategical objectives of the „Business Intelligence (BI) for companies“ analogically for GTC’s System which means the extraction of verified evidences to enable optimized operative & strategical decisions with regard to the set project objectives. The results of a detailed Analysis (IT-System / Software) about the project performance are applied to steer the project processes instantly & dedicated, to decrease the cost, to minimise the risks & increase the net added value of the project sustainably.

The GTC System delivers facts-based data for the actual and previous project development and its contol loop based processes work completely independent from existing cost control systems and shall be applied mutually by contractor and client to achieve an amicable result.

Due to the digitization and standardization the GTC System can be utilized for all types and all sizes of private and public investment- or construction projects, for new projects, projects already in progress or even for the retrospective analysis of already accomplished projects.

The GTC System comprises also abilities for the simulation of some project developments.

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