GTC System – Conclusion (EN)

GTC System – Summary & Conclusion (EN)


For the Project Performance Control presently, the Earned Value Management System (EVMS / 1996) is the popular System and is part of ANSI / EIA Standard 478 and partly of the German DIN 69901 Projektmanagement (Teil 3 – Methoden).


    • is with priority published by the US Project Management Institute (PMI “PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition 2013), in PMI “Practice Standard for EVM (2005)” and is part of the MS-Project Analysis
    • is with priority used by public US Organizations
    • implies system immanent anomalies (calculation of SV- & SPI)

As the situation of massive project failures could not be improved worldwide during the recent decades (see e. g. PMI reports: “The high cost of low performance”) we as experienced Project Managers have decided to develop a new digitized, standardized and significantly improved Project Performance Control System accomplished in 2019.

The GTC System, a control loop system for project performance control including a project variances analysis system is a significantly sophisticated system as it delivers

    • the control of project works and project payment (cashflow) vs. the contract price baseline
    • the control of disruptions (productivity loss) and additions (disputes / claims) as disturbance factors for the project performance
    • the control of several project cost variances (cost based) and project time variances (time based)
    • the complete project documentation regarding the project development (Project Status Report)
    • five defined types of project accomplishments
    • a predictable project completion date.

For the proof of disputes / claims the GTC System is capable

    • to demonstrate that changes are mostly the underlying source of disruptions
    • to provide a valuable proof for disruptions (productivity loss) as part of the project documentation
    • to demonstrate that a contractor may be entitled to damages suffered (if)
    • to substantiate a contractor’s contract change request or related dispute / claim in order to avoid a costly dispute, or worse, litigation
    • to support courts to find an universal way to discretely quantify the amount of damages entitlement
  •  Conclusion

The GTC System delivers up-to-date and facts based the extraction of verified project evidences for optimized operative & strategical decisions with regard to the set project objectives in order to steer the projects instantly & dedicated, to decrease the cost, to minimize the risks and to increase the Project added value sustainable!

Deploy the GTC innovation for the improvement of your Organization’s / Company’s earnings and performance.